Lisbon Airport Europe s first with one-stop passport shop

Lisbon airport became the first in Europe to host a one-top Passport Shop where citizens can order and pick up the document, the country's immigration and border control agency said.

Portugal Car Hire - Passoport shop Lisbon airportAccording to the SEF statement, both ordinary and temporary passports will be available at the airport counter.

In comments to Lusa News Agency, SEF director Jarmela Palos described this as "a pioneering experiment, in European terms" that would "make life easier for all those who intend to travel and want to get a passport".

Counters may also be opened at other of the country's airports.

The move is part of a broader effort to increase the number of places where passports can be requested and picked up.

Until 2011, they were only issued by district government offices in the respective capitals, but since then they have been available in registry offices in every borough.

The Passport Shop at Lisbon airport is to be inaugurated by the minister of home affairs, Miguel Macedo.

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