Easter in Portugal

Easter is a religious celebration commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ and is a popular celebration among portuguese attracting a lot of international tourists.

Esater in PortugalChristians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ , being the date known as Easter Sunday .
According to the Bible , after the crucifixion of Christ , celebrated on Good Friday , Christ was
resurrected on the third day after his death .

Easter is also celebrated by the family meeting , being a time of celebration and joy .

In Portugal, the Catholic population receives a visit from the Easter compass on Easter Sunday . The
compass consists of a group of Catholics who roam the streets with a cross and a small bell to
announce their arrival . When asked by residents to enter houses , bless the house and residents ,
proclaiming the good news of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

7 days before Easter is Palm Sunday , the day dedicated to godfathers and godmothers . The godchildren
provide flowers or plants to their godparents and they reciprocate with the "folklore " , ie the gift
of Easter.

Many tourists are accustomed to visiting Portugal this season , not only to appreciate the
celebrations but also enjoying a short holiday after a cold winter .

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