Garrett McNamara surfed the Gasoline

The American surfer Garrett McNamara has surfed on April 29 the wave that is generated by catamarans on the Tagus river. The initiative is included in a project to promote the Portuguese waves.

Portugal Car Hire | McNamara surfs the GasolineThe "Gasoline" are the waves generated by passing ferries that transport people between Lisbon and Barreiro .
These waves were so named by young people who a few years ago discovered the potential offered by the boats go surfing in the river Tagus .

The American surfer Garrett MaNamara, internationally known for surfing giant waves, was in Barreiro, Lisbon, "amusing" to experience the "Gasoline", the wave generated by the passage of catamarans on the river Tagus .

McNamara came to the beach Bico Mexilhoeiro in Barreiro, near the river terminal, around seven in the morning, and spent about two hours in the water for your first experience with "Gasoline" , the wave formed by the passage of boats carrying passengers between Lisbon and Barreiro.

After some successful and others failed waves, McNamara left the waters of the Tagus pleased with the experience, ensuring to have "fun enough" and saying he will return.

Logo by seven in the morning there were many people on the beach Bico Mexilhoeiro, where breaking waves caused by the passage of catamarans, with journalists and popular, especially children and young people to join to see the athlete in action in an unlikely location.

The President of Turismo de Portugal, João Figueiredo Cotrim , was at the beach Bico Mexilhoeiro to attend the event and present the "McNamara Surf Trip" project, which aims to inform the preferred Portuguese waves by American surfer.

The "Gasoline" reaches up to 150 meters long and its peculiarity is that it depends on specific conditions that only occur about six days a month, when the tide is low, it is rush hour and the boat is full as explained the Portuguese surfer Ricardo Carrajola .

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