More than 300 portuguese beaches and marinas win the Blue Flag

The blue flag will be flown this year 299 beaches and 15 marinas. The Algarve region continues to have the highest number of beaches distinguished by the European Blue Flag Association (ABAE), with 85 beaches, and the Tagus Valley region is the one that registers more new entries in the list of award-winning beaches.

Portugal car hire blue flag beachesThe award is given annually to beaches and marinas that meet a set of environmental criteria, safety and comfort of users and information and environmental awareness. This year there are three new beaches on the list - Canaveias (center), Praia da Pampilhosa da Serra (Tejo) and Beliche (Algarve) - and 18 re-entries, and a new  marina. On the contrary, 20 beaches and three marinas lost the flag.

The distribution of flags by regions, the Algarve continues to lead with 85 beaches distinguished, three more than last year.
The beach of Beliche receive blue flag for the first time and the beaches of Alemães, Ferragudo and Tonel are again awarded after being absent last year. On the other hand, there was the off the beach of Pego Fundo of listing awarded the quality symbol.

Followed by the North region, with 65 flags (one less than in 2014), in ten municipalities. The list posted two re-entries (Vila Anchor Beach and Leca da Palmeira) and three outputs (Congida, Lagoa and 37th Street in Espinho).

The Centre maintained the same number of blue flags in comparison with last year (27), but with a new entry (Canaveias) a reentry (Buarcos) and two outputs (Aldeia Viçosa and Quinta do Barco). The region of the Tagus, with 54 flags, has a new beach (Pampilhosa da Serra) and six re-entries (Aldeia do Mato, São João da Caparica, Crismina, Algodio, Calada, F+isica), losing Janeiro de Baixo and São Martinho do Porto (Alcobaça), due to a European directive on bathing water quality which changed the criteria, starting to account for 20 samples.

Alentejo remained the awards for marinas of Troia and Amieira and the port of Sines. In terms of beaches they were distributed 26 flags, including the re-entry of Gale Fontainhas and two outputs beaches that did not apply  (Atlantica and Morgavel). In the Azores there was the loss of a flag, with the region experiencing 31 awards, and Madeira for 11 blue flags, four less than last year.

The level of marinas, there to highlight the raising of the flag at the Doca de Recreaio de Santo Amaro, managed by the Port of Lisbon, for being the "first time a public entity is applying as manager and see awarded a marina." With this entry, the Tejo region has three ports / marinas awarded as the center.

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