The Electric Porsche 911

Love the classic design of the Porsche 911? Want it in electric? Well, now you can, thanks to Ruf Automobile GmbH, a German company that has been restoring and tuning Porsches for years. The new model, called the eRUF Model A, will debut next year in Europe and may be available for U.S. import shortly after that.

electric porscheThis beautiful sports car will come with a 150kW brushless, three-phase A/C electric motor pumping out an impressive 201 horsepower. The battery pack will be made of of Li-Ion iron-phosphate batteries using 160Ah Axeon cells and a sophisticated heat monitoring system.

What about performance? Well, the eRUF accelerates from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in less than seven seconds and tops out at 225kph. That, by the way, is faster than the original Porsche 911 it’s meant to replace…

It’s estimated range per charge is around 250-320 kilometers. Of course, new innovations in battery technology could raise that number significantly and the battery packs are made to be replaced relatively easily, according to an RUF press release.

The original idea came from Alois Ruf, who had a vision of a simple energy transfer concept. The Ruf website says it best:

“…his hydroelectric power plants, which feed 35 million kW hours of electricity annually into the German electrical network, could also more or less directly power modern autos. 35 million kWh is enough energy to power one of the prototypes eRUF as described below for 3500 journeys around the globe…”

Of course, the car won’t be cheap by any means, but will be less expensive than most electric sports cars out there already, such as the American-made Tesla. The trend is just beginning and soon, all-electrics or electric hybrids will be the norm rather than the newsworthy unusual. - your portugal car hire choice