Multi-million euro budget for ‘Allgarve’ 2010

Next year the regional ‘Allgarve’ summer entertainment programme could again benefit from a multi-million-euro budget, thought to be in the region of €3 million, should the new Government give its approval. Nuno Aires, head of the regional Algarve Tourism Board (ERTA) said this week that, as long as the new government does not sway the decisions of the Portuguese Tourism Board, next year the ‘Allgarve’ programme could benefit from a €3 million budget.

Nuno Aires met with his national counterpart Luís Patrão, President of the Portuguese Tourism Board, to weigh up the results of this year’s ‘Allgarve’ programme.

Launched in 2007 the regional entertainment programme is approved in three-year periods and was re-approved this year for 2010 to 2013.

This year the programme was spread over six months and was granted a record budget of €4 million.

However, the guarantee of another three year stint will remain unconfirmed until after the upcoming legislative elections as the new Government “could change things”, said Nuno Aires, who also warned that suspending the programme would be a “strategic mistake as the brand is still in the phase of consolidation”.

According to Nuno Aires, in future the management of the ‘Allgarve’ programme will be equally split between the ERTA and the Portuguese Tourism Board.

He further explained that while the first three-year phases had “strong points and weak points”, all those involved, the ERTA, Algarvean Town Halls, tourism officials and organisers, “are unanimous” in classifying the programme as “positive for the region”.

Still to happen this year under the ‘Allgarve’ programme banner is the ‘Portugal Masters’ golf tournament in Vilamoura, from October 15th to 18th, and the ‘Superbike World Championship’, in Portimão, from October 23rd to 25th.



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