Algarve Motor Park produces solar energy

Around €750,000 has been invested by a joint partnership between Parkalgar, which manages the Algarve Motor Park and Galp Energia to build a Photovoltaic Centre to produce electricity on site, that is now operational. The photovoltaic complex is linked to the national grid and is now producing energy. Occupying a 3,000 square metre space in the northern park of the Motor Park site, the complex has 504 200W monocrystlaine silica photovoltaic panels made by Efacec.

In a statement sent to The Portugal News, Parkalgar director, Paulo Pinheiro said: “This project is part of our environmental plan for the complex. The photovoltaic centre is part of other initiatives that already function such as the heating of water through solar panels and the watering of our green areas with recycled waste water.”

He added: “One of our main concerns is the environmental sustainability of all of our project.”



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