Some Reasons to Visit Algarve have recently increased flights to Faro for the Algarve and here are some of the reasons why this will be a popular decision with holidaymakers this year.

Algarve Winery

Due to the Algarve’s exceptional climate and rich soil, the region is suitable for wine growing. The Tartessians are thought to be the first people to produce wine in the region in about 2000 B.C. and later followed by the Phoenicians, Greeks, Celts and Romans. This can now be sampled in many of the bars and restaurants.

Algarve Cuisine

Algarve offers tourist an immense range of delicious regional dishes, another major reason why tourists flock to the Algarve. You can have a gastronomic trip with their regional specialties, such as seafood soups oregano snails, pork meat and “cataplana” clams, roasted dried octopus on the grill in Lagos style, and grilled squid and cuttlefish. Don’t miss tasting their fig pastries, marzipan pastries, “D. Rodrigo” and “Morgado”, the almond paste and caramel pastries from Tavira and puff pastries from Olhão,

Algarve Golf

Golf courses in the Algarve are undoubtedly some of the finest in the world. No wonder that the region is a perfect destination for golf enthusiasts. You can really find a large number of top class golf courses in the city. Some of the notable golf courses include Parque da Floresta, Boavista, Palmares, Álamos, Alto Golf, Gramacho, Morgado, Penina Academy, Silves Golf who offers top-of-the-range sporting facilities, with the emphasis on the excellent golf courses.

Algarve Car Hire

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