A22 tolls illegal?

The European Commission has ruled in favour of an Aveiro Town Hall complaint against the Government, in which the local authority questioned the legality of tolls recently introduced on previously free motorways.

A22 tolls algarveWhile Aveiro and a number of protest groups have applauded the decision, it has become apparent that while some are anticipating the end of the electronic tolls on motorways such as the Algarve’s A22, it seems unlikely.

As swiftly clarified by the Economy Ministry, the European Commission has not declared the charging of tolls illegal, only the ten free trips awarded to people and businesses residing within close proximity of the motorways and discounts once these trips have been exhausted.

The Commission ruled that this practice is in contravention of EU legislation and discriminates against fellow Europeans.

A transitional period is in place for discounts and exemptions which culminates on 30 June.

The only apparent conclusion appears to be this special treatment for local residents will have to be done away with sooner than originally anticipated.



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