Passos Coelho and Cavaco Silva are not welcome in the Algarve

The Committee of Users of the Via do Infante (A22) said the Prime Minister, Minister of Economy and President of the Republic as personae non gratae in the Algarve, in protest against the lack of response from the Government on the impacts of the introduction of tolls in the region.

Algarve Car Hire and A22 tollsThe committee noted that the Government had promised to disclose by summer the findings on the impact of tolls in the region, but the results are not yet known.

About possible protests in initiatives that members of the Government and participate Cavaco Silva, since it now believes that they are not welcome in the region, the spokesman, John Vasconcelos, said the group is not preparing anything in this direction but admitted that protests arise.

"They have to feel they did a great evil in the Algarve and all who visit us," said John Vasconcellos, recalling that the N125 national road that became free in the preferred route for anyone who crosses the Algarve, currently receives lengthy queues and is home to more accidents and injuries, while the A22 (motorway toll since last December) is deserted.

The representative also said waiting forward to the renegotiation of concession contracts with the Government regarding the exploitation of old means no cost to the user (SCUT, such as A22) as well as scheduling a meeting with Economy Minister requested for a year.

The committee members met this week-end in Armacao de Pera, and decided to seek audience with the parliamentary groups and the Speaker of Parliament, Assumption Esteves, when delivered in Parliament the petition being prepared for the suspension of tolls on the A22.

On Wednesday, the commission will put new 'memorials' in Chinicato, near Lagos, Lagoa, Pear and access to Albufeira, an action that seeks to recall the injuries and deaths occurring in the N125 since the introduction of tolls, December 8, 2011.

The committee aims to promote actions surprise, both the N125 and the A22, and says she will continue to prepare a motion of vehicles on the Guadiana International Bridge, which will be part of Spaniards.

Algarve Car Hire Companies operating in the Algarve report serious problems and loss of sales due to the introduction of tolls on the A22 Via do Infante once the payment system does not facilitate the use of highway by foreign users.


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