Film of Turismo de Portugal receives gold and silver

The promotional film of Portugal titled "The Beauty of Simplicity" has just been awarded a gold medal at the "Riga Tourfilm" 2012, Commercial Film category, and a silver medal in the "Best World Films Awards" Short Film category.
Portugal Car Hire Tourism Award"The Beauty of Simplicity", a production of Turismo de Portugal, shows a country that is distinguished by the diversity of landscape and monumental, by culture, modernity and the many experiences it provides.

The music is the responsibility of Nuno Maló, Portuguese musician based in Los Angeles, with an international career in the advertising and film industry in Hollywood.
In 5. Edition of the international festival "Tourfilm Riga 2012", held in Latvia, the film was distinguished with the Portugal 1. Place in ex aequo with a film of Austria.

Already at 55. Edition of the contest New York World's Best Television & Films (USA), the film's promotional Portugal was selected by the jury to receive one of two silver medals awarded.
The goal of the film is to promote the national tourist destination, since the effectiveness of disclosure of Portugal as a tourist destination requires continuous upgrading and innovation, explains the statement of Turismo de Portugal.

It will be used in various promotional activities in Portugal, since the events tourism fairs, the official sessions of branding Portugal, among others.

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