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Portugal Best European Tourist Destination

If someone needed an extra incentive to visit Portugal now has a strong reason to do so, Portugal has just been voted the best tourist destination in Europe.

Portugal was elected, for the third consecutive year, the Best European Tourist Destination by the World Travel Awards, in a ceremony that took place on Saturday, March 20, in Madeira.

This distinction was first attributed to Portugal in 2017, renewed in 2018 and again attributed in 2019, which consolidates Portugal's international recognition as a tourist destination and shows how Portugal is at the top of international tourists' preferences.

For the president of Turismo de Portugal, "Portugal has everything, for everyone. From north to south, inland or coast and islands, those who visit us want to return. And this ranking shows us that, despite everything that has happened in the past months, tourists do not forget Portugal and are eager to return. And we will be here, as always, to welcome them safely and well ".

And it is true, we at Portugal Cars are also looking forward to receiving our customers for their usual holidays behind the wheel of one of our rental cars in Algarve or any other location in Portugal.